Beard Transplant

Just like a hair transplant procedure, hair roots will be collected from the back of the neck with the help of micromotor. To ensure a natural look, single roots must be implanted. Chanels will be opened fairly sloppy and on a 15-20 degree angle with lateral slit technique. These will be on the angle of the patient’s own beard. Recovery stage is fairly quick and results will be natural looking.

Who can get beard planting?

There are no age limits for this procedure. Beard planting will be performed on people who have lost their beards due to various reasons (i.e. sickness, accident, genes etc). It is performed very similar to a hair transplant procedure.

Will patients feel pain during process?

This is performed under local aneasthesia. The area will be numbed via small needles. The first few minutes might be slightly painful, however it will be completely numb after 5 minutes. Patients will not feel any pain until the end of the procedure.

Treatment Process

Roots will implant fully 2 days after the procedure. The first 7-10 days, there will be scabbing however, it will start to fall off after the 10th day. 15 days after the transplant, hair loss may be experienced up to 3 months. This is normal as the beard will start to grow after 4 months. During this time, there may be tiny pimples and irritation. It is important to note tha on sensitive skins, a little bit of redness may appear. Patients can expect to see most of the beard grown 6-8 months later. This growth will continue for 1-1.5 years.

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