Breast Enlargement Surgery (Mammoplasty)

Whilst other materials can be used for breast enlargmentsm implants, fat injections and silicons are the most popular and safest materials and methods used for breast enlargments. The most common procedure for breast implants are to insert implants. There are two kinds of selections; Round breast implants and tear drop breast implants. The choice of what kind of breast implants is determined according to the patient’s wants and needs, and advised by the doctor. The only major difference between the two shapes is just the aesthetic look to it; tear-drop model is less plump at the top of the breast, giving a more natural look.

Besides the shape difference, implants are also seperated into two different types in relation to materials used. These are silicone and saline. Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel. The gel feels a bit more like natural breast tissue. Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water and feels more loose, however easier to insert into breasts.

How is the surgery performed?

Breast enlargement surgery takes apparoximately 1-2 hours.

Silicone can be placed in two different areas of the breast. The implant can be positioned between the chest muscle and the breast tissue itself, which is known as a subglandular placement, versus a submuscular placement, which is when the implant is positioned under the chest muscles.

Implants can be inserted via a cut under the breast, a cut through the nipples or through a cut under the arm. This is determined by the shape, size and the area which the implant will be placed. Patients skin type and shape, place of nipples, sporting habits, body type and even height is considered before deciding where to insert implants from. The most natural looking spot will always be the priority. 

The type, size and shape of implants to be used, the area of which the implants will be inserted from, the place where the implants will be inserted into (subglandular or submuscular) will also be determined, and is specific to the patient. The differences in choices will not effect positive nor negative results on all patients. Ideal and more natural results should be a focus for all patients.

How long is the treatment?

After the oprations is performed under general anesthesia, a drain is placed to duct-out blood collection and inflammation, during recovery. This drain pipes are removed after 24 or 48 hours and patient will be discharged from hospital within one day. A non padded sports bra is recommened to be worn for 4 weeks.

Post op, inflammation on the first day will be quite intensive therefore, plenty of rest, and minimal movement is recommened. With the reduction of inflammation, patients will be able to return to daily routine within three days. It is not recommended to play any kind of sport, or vigorous physical movements for atleast three weeks. 

Bandages will be removed on the fourth day and replaced with smaller bandages to cover areas with stitches. This will allow patient to shower comfotably. The aches and pain should ease by the fifth day.

Just like every other surgery, tenderness, redness, and sensitivity can last up to three months. Within one year, wound scars will fade away and get as close to the the patient’s skin colour as possible. Carefully stiched stiches will barely be noticable.

Will implants cause numbness?

Numbness may occur on vary rare occacasions. The numbeness is only temporary. Only 5% of patients have experienced permanent numbness.

Will implants prevent breastfeeding?

No, it will not. However, it is not suggested to fall pregnant for six months after surgery. Implants will not affect the quantity or the quality of breast milk.

Are there other methods other than implants?

Various ready-made filling materials and fat injections can be used to enlarge breasts. However, these are temporary methods that will not last. Fat injections, especially will need to be repeated every 3-6 months.

Will breasts drop in time?

If there was no sagging before the procedure, there will not be sagging after surgery. However, the implants may sit lower in time as this is the nature of the weight of the implants used.

Will implants cause cancer?

There has been many studies around breast implants and other implants causing cancer however, the results have showed no substantial evidence, and negative links between implants and cancer. 

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