Breast Reduction (MASTOPEXY)

Unlike breast enlargement, breast reduction surgeries are performed for medical reasons, not cosmetic. Breasts which are large due to adolescents, pregnancy and/or weight gain can cause shoulder and upper back aches, and can result in postural disorders. Large breasts can also cause irritation, redness and itcheness under the breasts leading to fungal infections. Before the breast reduction surgery, the doctor will determine if the breast growth is related to hormones and if it will continue to grow, existing infections, previous operations and the existence of painful/painless masses, and recommend the best procedure from there. 

How is the operation performed?

After thorough analysis of the skin and breast tissue, the surgeon will decide on the technique of the operation. The operation will be performed under general aenestesia and the operation will last between 2-4 hours.

If the breast shape and skin elasticity allows, the operation can be performed as fat suction only. However, if there is drooping on the breasts, to achieve and better shape and form, the nipple will be removed and placed higher at a more suitable position. Excess skin and breast tissue will be removed and shaped to a more natural look.

Treatment Process

Even though the patient will be able to stand up and be active, it is recommended to stay at the hospital for 1-2 days. Drainage will be used for 1-2 days to get rid of excess blood accumulation and to decrease leakage around the area. Breasts will stay wrapped for 1 week and replaced with thin bandages for another week. Traces of the breast reduction operation will be visible however, the visibility will be reduced dramatically after 6 months.

Breastfeeding after the surgery?

The vessels between the nipples and the milk canals may be affected during this operation. The tissue that will be removed from the breast may also affect the production of milk quantity. This will be discussed with the patient before the operation is performed

How is the size of the breast reduction determined?

The size of the breasts may be determined by the droopiness and the original size of the breast itself to achieve a more natural look.

Will there be visible marks/traces from the operation?

There will be a trace in the shape of the letter J and/or the letter T, however it will reduce over time. In the early stages after the surgery, traces will be more visible as well as some redness and itchiness, some cases may require medical attention – visible traces may be more visible on darker skinned patients. After the first 6 months, the traces will dramatically reduce.

Will the operation cause loss of feeling?

Depending on the size of the reduction and the placement of the nipple, there may be a partial loss of feeling.

Sutyen takmak gerekir mi?

Patient must wear a special restorative bra at all times for one month. It is recommended that it should be worn up to 3 months.

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