Eyelid Lift

On a human boday, the thinnist skin is found on the eyelids. Due to this, drooping and aging will appear in this area earlier than any other areas of the body. Under the eye, wrinkles and ‘bags’ will be distinctive. To get rid of tired, aged and sagging undereye skin and to achieve a brighter, wider looking appearance eyelid lift will be performed. A lift operation around the eye area may sometimes include a procedure around the forehead, eyebrows as well as the face. This consists of a lift operation around the abovementioned areas.

How is the operation performed?

During this operation, aneasthesia will depend on the area to be treated. If the operation is only on the eyelide, this can be done with local aneasthsia only. If the treatment area is beyond the eyelid area and around the eye also, general aneasthesia may be recommended.

Just like every other operation, eyelid lift will be planned according to the patient’s special needs and wants. Recommendations will be made specifically to the patient and the outcome to be achieved. Eyelid lift on both eyes may take approximately 40 minutes and an operation around the whole eye area may take up to 1.5 hours.

Treatment Process

Immediately after the operation, dressing will be placed on the eyes. The dressings will not prevent patient from seeing and coming into contact with water. An increase in swelling may be experienced within the first 2 days however it will start to decrease on the third day onwards. Dressings will be removed on the fourth day after the operation. It is recommended that patients refrain from taking hot showers for a few weeks under the guidance of the doctor.

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