Face and Forehead Lift

Face and forehead lift is performed on men and women (generally over the age of 40) to reduce obvious sagging and wrinkles as a result of aging.. This treatment will remove the wrinkles around the mouth, forehead and nose areas as well as lifting the sagged areas aroud eyelids, cheeks and areas around the jaw-line. If the cheek bones have dropped, tissues around the area will be positioned back to their original places and/or fat injections and implants can be used. This procedure is recommened for patients who have lost the elasticity in their skin.

How is the operation performed?

Firstly, a scope of the area to be treated must be determined whilst considering the wants and needs of the patient. This operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Incisions are generally made around hair follicle parts of the face, behind the ears and the area between the ears and cheeks to hide cut marks.

For the forehead lift operation, a thin line is cut at the hair-line. This is the point where the skin is stretched – the extra skin from here is removed and stiched back the hairline.

Treatment Process

After the operation, the face is wrapped completely and ice packs are placed on cheeks – the eyes, nose and mouth areas are left open. To prevent accumulation of blood in the tissue, silicon pipes are placed and removed after 2 days. Bandages will be removed completely within 3 days and the stiches will be removed within 5-7 days after the operation. During these times, patients can wash their hair as per normal.

Patient will experience experience swelling post operation however, within two days the patience will be able to move freely and can go back to normal routine within one week. Patients should not perform any heavy lifting or exercises and refrain from direct light of sun for 2 months. It is recommended not to bathe for a duration advised by the doctor, and when bathing is eventually allowed, it is important not to use hot water for a week.

It is important not to strecth the stiches, sleep on your face and ensure to dress the wound regularly.

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