Facial Implants

Whether it’s from birth or an accident, facial tissues and bone structure may cause problems which may lead to disproportioned appearances. In cases that the jaw line and/or the cheekbones are not looking natural, or there is a fracture or damage in the facial bones, facial implants will be placed to achieve a more natural look.

How is the operation performed?

If the facial implant operation is not going to be combined with another procedure, it can be performed under local and/or general aenesthesia. Facial implats are usually placed on or around the jaw and cheekbones. Depending on the patients needs and requirements, one or more implants can be placed. They can be placed on top of the bone structure and shaped accordingly without intervening the bones structure.

Jaw Implants

Jaw implants are applied to patients with deformed, damaged jaws and/or a jaw line that is asymmetric. Jaw implants will be placed through a small incision under the chin. After the operation, the area will be cleaned and a band will be placed. Ice pack treatment will be regularily applied. When the tissues around the area has healed, skin fillers may be injected and shaped to a more natural look.

Cheekbone Implants

Cheekbone implants are applied to reform disproportioned cheeckbones to provide a more symmetric look. These implants are placed through an incision in the inside section of the mouth near the top gumline. Implants will be placed through this cut. The implants can be supported with fat injections during the surgery or can be injected once the area heals and settles if needed.

Treatment Process

It is important to stay at the hospital for a couple of days under doctors supervision after the surgery. Until the stiches are removed, the area should be protected and not forced. The patient must follow the surgeon’s instructions in relation to taking medication, diet control and hygiene of the surgery area.

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