Laser Liposuctıon

Laser liposuction is actually laser assisted liposuction. This procedure is to easily break fat tissue cells into small pieces and removed from the body.

How is this method applied?

Thin tubes will be placed through 1-2mm incisions in the areas of the body where unwanted fat is stored. Then laser tip will be toured around the area to break the fat tissue cells and the unwanted fat will be removed through the same tubes that were inserted.

What kind of mechanisms does laser liposuction take effect on?

Laser has 3 basic effects. First one is photomechanical effect which is where the laser machine is in touch with the fat tissue cells to break them into pieces for easy removal. Second one is photothermal effect which is to avoid clotting in the blood stream. The third is photostimulation which helps increase the collagen in the skin to leave skin looking and feeling tighter. 

The membrane of the fat tissue will be broken up and removed out of the skin via a vacuuming procedure.

Why is laser liposuction better then other commonly known liposuction techniques?

Not only does laser liposuction help with reducing fat tissue cells, it also is the latest technology. It is more effective than other liposuction techniques.

Laser supported liposuction is safer on patients with loose skin, older in age and/or patients who are more inclined to result in loosening of the skin. This technique has the potential to increase collagen count in the skin which provides younger looking skin.

Laser supported liposcution saves time during procedures and bandaging after the procedure. Patient is also able to return to daily duties quicker.

Which body part can laser liposuction be performed on?

Laser liposuction can be performed on the stomach, arms, inner thighs, neck and most body parts with excessive fat.

Should laser supported liposuction be performed under general anesthesia?

General anesthesia and/or sedatation is suitable on patients with multiple areas to be treated. However, local anesthesia is recommended for single treatments. The reason for this is so the patient can come in for a couple of hours, have the procedure done and continue daily routine immediately after the procedure.

What is expected of the period after procedure?

Special corsets are worn on the area of treatment immediately after the procedure. The corsets must be worn (day and night) for 1-2 weeks. It is then recommended to be worn at nights only for a further 2 weeks.

Will there be swelling on the treatment area?

Just like every other operation, there will be swelling. Approximately 1 week after the operation, the swelling will start to reduce and 90% of it will be diminised within 4-5 weeks.

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